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Where did
Speak Easy Tech
come from?

For 30 years I've been the bridge between technical experts and the rest of the business. Translator, mediator, coach, and then leader. Helping each side to understand and collaborate with the other. Technical experts are wired in a different way. They use unfamiliar terms, three letter acronyms, and vast volumes of detail. All essential oratory oil to make the minutiae of a technical business work. At the other extreme, business leaders focus on strategy, satisfying the customer, and paying the bills. Detail is abstracted in favour of simplicity. Fitting the whole business into a single view to make and keep it performing.

Here's the problem: It doesn't scale

If you are not a subject matter expert the technical complexity becomes an impenetrable barrier to understanding. Leaders disengage from experts in favour of translators. Translators who make the technical simple. Who also talk fluent tech with experts, understand the detail, and articulate the business strategy into clear technical implication. A bridge mediating for collaboration. And this is the problem: the mediator is a bottleneck. A small few, or in many cases, just one person, won't scale as the business grows.

What's the solution?

Up-Skill both sides to understand and work with the other. Understand the way they communicate. Understand the way they behave. Understand and see the world from the other's perspective. Share the same priorities. Share the same direction. Share the same language. Create a path for experts to become translators, and translators to become leaders. Lead.

This is what Speak Easy Tech does:

Making Leadership & Communication Easy for people in technical businesses.