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For Growth, Innovation & Resilience

Here's the problem. The world moved and one or more of your C-suite haven't made the jump. They've plateaued. They're stuck. They need help. Or maybe there's a gap between the person you promoted who's fabulous at their function, and what you need from them as a leader. Or, that promotion created a first time leader, and they don't know how to lead! Or, you have a new or broken team and manager who lack cohesion and need to perform. You need help!

You need dynamic, capable leaders to build strong companies for growth, innovation and resilience. Whether they're a seasoned player who needs to up their game, it's their first time in the C-suite, or newly minted team leader, I start where you and your people are.

My Leadership Toolkit is a progressive set of instantly actionable modules that delivers Leadership Development in a way that works for you, your team, and your business. Discuss your challenges and aspirations with me, and we'll design the perfect programme together.

My Leadership Toolkit modules that can be run singularly, sequentially for a comprehensive course, or a mix-and-match to provide a bespoke programme just for your organisation.

  • How to become a CxO

  • Growth Mindset

  • Aspirations, Brand & Networks

  • Behaviour & Communication: You & Everyone Else

  • Personal Time Management & Prioritisation

  • Team Time Management & Prioritisation

  • Personal Development Plans

  • Team Conveyor of Talent

  • Coaching IDEAS

  • One-on-Ones

  • Behavioural Feedback

  • Delegation for Scale

  • Effective Meetings

  • Mentors, Mentees & Mentoring

  • Compelling Business Cases

  • Conflict Resolution

Delivery flexes from dedicated one-on-one coaching, up to groups of 16. Group sessions can be single day, or multi-day; consecutive or gapped.

Content is matched to your aspirations, group size, and budget.

What skills do you leaders need for the next stage of the strategy?

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